Saturday, July 28, 2012

Is It Love? LOL!!

We had homemade macaroni and cheese today for dinner.

Here is the recipe:

Homemade Macaroni and Cheese:

1. 1/2 a box of family sized macaroni noodles
2. 1 3/4 cup milk
3. 1 Pound of swiss cheese block
4. 1/4 cup of flour
5. 1/4 cup stick butter

First, you place the stick butter, the milk, and the block cheese in a medium sized pot. Then, once the cheese and butter is melted you add the flour. The consistancy of the cheese at this point should almost appear a gravy type substance. After you have the cheese complete, place it on a back burner and keep it on a low setting stirring it occasionally with a wisk. Now you will need to cook the macaroni noodles. So, place water in a medium sized pot, making it about half full. Place the water on medium heat, until it comes to a boil. Then you need to add the macaroni noodles. Stir the macaroni noodles consistantly for about twenty minutes. You can check the texture of the macaroni noodles by occasionally chewing on a noodle. After the noodles are done turn you cheese off and strain your noodles. Then, pour the cheese into a large sized bowl and add the macaroni noodles. Finally, let it sit stirring occasionally for about twenty minutes so that the cheese has the ability to sort of thicken, and then it will be finished and ready to serve.


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